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his bills and working part time to help make ends meet. While the allegations of his dope dealing shocked his family and friends, the brutality of his death stunned them even more. so unfair that he died this way, said friend Erika Castillo, who attended both Curie and U. of I. with Mundo. want to believe that people are good, but then this happens, and it makes you question: What kind of world do we live in? told police they last saw Mundo as he left an apartment Jan. 25 to meet friends at his apartment for dinner and a movie, but he never showed up. Gonzalez pulled into Mundo’s parking garage on the U. of I. and Mundo climbed into the front passenger seat of a Neon, prosecutors said. Mundo, realizing something was amiss, tried to get out of the car, but Gonzalez had tripped the locks, according to prosecutors. Scott fired the fatal shot, the charges alleged. The two grabbed three bags of marijuana off Mundo’s body, along with his wallet and cellphone, then hauled Mundo’s body into the trunk of Gonzalez’s car,

Bruce Jenner’s surgery a done deal "He was very happy with the results," an insider tells the site about the eight hour operation, "but didn’t realize how grueling the recovery would be." GIFT HORSEThe Bobby Flay divorce just gets nastier by the day. The latest: Estranged wife Stephanie March is blasting the celebrity chef for reaping the winnings (and later sale) of a racehorse that he gifted her for their fourth anniversary back in 2009, Page Six reports. March is fighting to overturn their prenuptial agreement, in which the actress would receive $5,000 a month. The gossip website reports that Flay does admit he registered the animal in her name but denies he pocketed the purses. OFF THE WAGON?Multiple sources tell TMZ that Kim Richards was a "mess" at her daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding to Fatburger heir Thayer Wiederhorn in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, over the weekend. It is unclear what was going on with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who was allowed to leave rehab to attend the ceremony, but attendees tell the site that she apparently was under the influence of something and her sober coach quit. Brinson and Wiederhorn were actually wed last year
Wholesale NFL jerseys so that her father, Kim’s ex, Monty Brinson, could walk her down the aisle. He has terminal lung cancer. Kim, said to be very upset about her ex husband’s health, had reportedly
Cheap NFL jerseys moved in with him to help before rehab. BABY MAKES 3Keira Knightley’s newest role is mom, reports Us Weekly. Dad is British musician James Righton of the Klaxons. Still no official word of the name, sex, or birth date of the baby from the notoriously private actress.

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